Sunday, May 2, 2010

real estate

Ok, so I had my beauty sleep last night. Couldn't even keep my eyes open for some reason. But, all's good this morning. Plus, the weather's so inviting.

Yesterday, we were at my in laws house as always. Saturdays are spent there. My MIL's opposite house is on sale and we decided to call the agent for the price. Guess what? A whopping RM1.6mil (according to the brochure printing)! I'd give it a 700K or 800K but not a into millions. We were just dumb-founded. There's no way that old property could fetch such a price. Not in my books anyway.

The agents these days are getting more and more ridiculous. Jacking up prices as they like. It's really crazy out there. why I am even looking at houses? Well, we are planning on moving, and moving closer to my MIL's. Several factors mooted that fact : First and foremost, we want to move closer to where MIL's staying. They are getting older and it just makes sense if we did. Secondly, the kindy I've set my eyes on for Ashley next year, is close to where MIL lives. Plus, eventually, the school, we have in mind for Ashley when she enters Primary, is also close to where MIL lives. So, there ain't no way I'm driving all over town just to get her to school. A move is the most logical under the circumstances.

We've been looking around. Slowly. We'll take our time. It's just that, the more we look, the more de-motivated we feel...**sigh**...

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Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I totally understand how you feel. We're looking too but everything (even a miserable link house) is in the millions!

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