Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

When Ash and I left playgroup this morning, we met with huge huge massive jam along the Assunta roundabout. I made a mistake going along that route knowing full well that it will be chaotic. But, luckily the coppers were there and managed to ease traffic a little so at the very least, the cars were moving.

I am particularly looking forward to this weekend. Not because it's Easter but because Ash is going for her first tennis-related try-outs!! Oh, I am so so SO excited. It's as if she's going for her very first tournament..heheh..

Ok, so allow me to explain. We want to enrol Ash at this toddler tennis centre. They have a few programmes for the kiddos. Kind of like beginners, intermediate and advance toddler classes. SO, before they figure out which class she belongs to, she'll have to go for "try-outs" to speak. not ask me how these programmes are structured because I have no clue. Just like if you were to ask me about rv repair - no idea!! But I hope to find out tomorrow.

So, this weekend will be busy and exciting. I just hope Ash'll enjoy her outing tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

With that, have a great weekend guys!


Sasha said...

haha we kiasu mums.. u go to tennis i go shichida. why la we so kiasu....... hahaenjoy yr class k? i'll try not to fall asleep while i'm in the class brrr 8.45am!

Jen Cheung said...

have fun tomorrow =) & HAPPY EASTER! hehe


Jen Cheung said...

Here to wish you a Happy Easter Holiday with you and your family! =) I'm goin to add you on my blogroll if you dont mind ;) add me on your blogroll whenever you got the time !! thanks for your support!

Jen from

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