Thursday, April 1, 2010

holy molly..

WHile having dinner earlier today, I told hubby that how amazing it is that today is already April and I was actually 'fooled'!, really, it's APRIL. Can you believe how time has this ability to fly by so fast?

The funny thing is, you know how when you were a kid, you wished you grew up faster so you can just do all those things that adults could. Like how you can just eat whatever, drink whatever and go to bed whenever?!. Now that I am one (an adult), I realised that I don't actually do all that. I kind of watch what I eat like I abstain from certain foods. And, I don't drink whatever either. Maybe I do go to bed whenever but trust me, it's harder to get through the day if I have a late night because my kids are just super monsters.

So, even though I am an adult now -- some kid's dream -- I wish I was a kid all over again. Ain't that the strangest thing?

Oh...that reminds me - better get the insurance quote. See what I mean about having no fun being an adult!! gggrrr...

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Jen Cheung said...

heyyy =)
Happy April Fools day ;)

I totally understand your story there.. when I was a kid, I wanted time to fly by because we couldn't do much when we were a kid. but when we are all grown up now. we wish time will slow down!!! defenietly feeling you =) thanks for dropping by once again! Have a happy easter break =)


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