Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a lil' bit of bliss and a lil' bit of miss

And so, it begins, the work week. The weekend was not as I expected but it was alright.

Ok, first thing's first - Ash and her 'try-outs'. She did ok. Yeah, "ok" only. Her main weakness was that she couldn't follow some instructions that the coach belted out. Like for instance, when they asked her to sit with her "legs crossed", she just sat down bending her legs instead. It took a while and hubby had to show her how literally. SHe didn't understand what "crossing your legs" meant. Which was what I expected anyway because her grasp of the Eng language is not very strong.

Apart from that, she was able to perform most of the tasks shown to her. They weren't very difficult to start with. The activities were designed to gauge her motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and listening abilities. She did things like catching balls with big nets, chasing after hula-hoops, hitting spongy tennis balls with modified tennis racquets. Basically, it was all fun and I was told she was laughing throughout the 45 mins. The only activity she didn't particularly like was balancing thingy (don't ask me how to describe it, I don't know it either). She totally refused to get on top even with hubby's help.

In the end, she had to join the baby/munchkins class which requires parent's attendance. Actually, I don't mind it because I don't think Ash will want to be left alone like that. Even though, I was hoping she'll be put into the tots' group but this will have to do for 6 weeks at least.

But, unfortunately (here comes the bummer!), the class is only available in 2 weeks' time. They don't have anymore slots available for Ash. I never knew this programme is such a hit hehhe...Oh well, she'll have to wait for another 2 weekends or rather...this momsie will have to wait for another 2 weekends...hehehhe...

That was that. In other news, the girls' room is almost ready for them. Almost because we still haven't gotten our closet out of their room. We got the air-conditioner and their chest drawer fixed last Saturday. The only thing now is to move Ash's bed (with the mattress, bed-sheet..the works) and Em's cot over this weekend. In all honesty, I still want to do something to the walls but haven't figured out what yet so I'll leave it as that for the moment.

Sooooo...this weekend could be THE date. Wish me luck!!!


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wow good luck! I am not even trying. Maybe when they are ...errm...18?

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wow good luck! I am not even trying. Maybe when they are ...errm...18?

Shireen Loh said...

ooo...i want to make "no. 3" mah...**wink**

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