Friday, December 18, 2009

2 weddings and not a funeral but just dinner

For the past couple of weeks, we have been having an unusual number of functions to attend. For the low profile family that we are, going on an eating feast every weekend is well, a feat! We hardly eat out. That's because we have the luxury of living close by to great cooks aka mom and MIL. So, since their first love is the kitchen, we get home-cooked food literally everyday if we want to.

We've been to all kinds of weddings these past 3 weeks. Seemed as if everyone's just tying the knot this year. And rushing off to so by this month or so. I know why; it's a Chinese thing and I am too lazy to explain it here...hehehe...but trust me, there is a good reason for the mad rush!

As for me, I have 2 more and I am done. No more 8 to 10 course dinners. Thankfully neither requires me to wake up in an ungodly hour for the "chip san leong" thingy. How I dread those things and how I now feel for my family and close friends for doing the same thing at my wedding heheheh...

And lastly, what about the just-dinner? Well, I reminded hubby that his father's birthday is coming up and well, the usual beckons - dinner out. Maybe I'll do something different this year; I'll get him a present. How does spa filters sound? Think it'll be the perfect gift?? :-)

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