Friday, October 23, 2009

what's up with Em?

Little Em is 5++ months. In fact, she'll be 6 months in less than 3 weeks. And, I will alot older in less than 5 days.

Hubby took the day off today. I asked him to because I don't like going to the paed alone with Em. Yep, she got her monthly needle-sticking thingy again. If you ask me, I really don't like seeing her being poked. I don't think any mothers do really. So, I honestly feel for those moms whose kids are sick and are constantly being "treated" at the hospital.

I am happy to say that she did well today. Sure, there were tears, but her cries weren't so bad; they were bearable this time around. It was a good outing to the paed for sure heheh...and, the other good news is that this will be her last. yay!!! Well, at least until next year when she turns 1. Now that is a biggie - the dreaded MMR!!!

So, anyway, after the paed and already reeling with good news, I went a-shopping!! hahah...Bought myself a lil something something again. Of course, hubby was grumbling along the way and because he'd rather be at home than at a ladies' shop. But, what choice does he have? None...really...**evil laughter**

1 comment:

Ann said...

Oooohhh....the shots! Yeah, sometimes I dread the first year with baby....the illnesses and the immunizations!!

You are half way done!

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