Tuesday, October 20, 2009

weekend surprise

Ash stuck the candles all by herself. Which is why some are a senget

We celebrated hubby's birthday on Sunday. I did surprise him...with a honeymoon suite from Myrtle beach vacation rentals!! Yep, that was one birthday celebration which will be oh so hard to forget...hahaha...Nah...I got him a cake *singger*.

He was surprised. That was the goal.

We all ate at my mom's place on Sunday; which is pretty usual for us because that's where we hang out once a week and because that's when everyone's home - my sis, my mom, my dad...everyone. So, yeah, that's our Sundays basically.

We brought the cake out in the evening. Just before dinner. I know, shouldn't it have been after dinner? Technically, yes but the kids were sleepy and we knew they'd get cranky so we thought we had better get the ceremony over and done with...quickly!

As soon as Ash saw the cake, she went all hyper and super excited. She wanted to put on the candles, blow the cake, eat the cake, eat the candles (?)...she wanted to sign, clap...it seemed as though we were celebrating her birthday instead! LOL...

So, anyway, we sang, took photos. My poor Ash was trying so hard to blow the candles out with her tiny mouth. But she did...yay Ash!!

We all had a good time...including lil Em. Just a pity that she's way too young to know what's going on. But I tell ya, when she's grown up enough, I know there will be havoc!! Oohh...I don't know whether I should dread the occasion or look forward to it..I really don't know.


wen said...

being a kid is so great. other than blowing own candles, can also blow for papa and mama on behalf! one year blow at least 2 times!! so nice! haha!

mommy to chumsy said...

happy belated birthday to your other half. the cake look so delicious man. yummy!!!

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