Monday, July 20, 2009

Rest day

Yup, today is a rest day. But only for me, hubby is at work.

I woke up early today. Made breakfast and logged on to the computer so I could talk to my girls. We managed to speak with Ash. Well, not exactly speak with her cos she was laughing and looking at the computer screen. The only time she said something was to say bye and blew us flying kisses. I take it as she is fine with us being away. A good thing if you ask me hehehe...

I mentioned that hubby is here on training. So, he was given an apartment, a small studio apartment right next to his office. Which is why I could make breakfast and have a decent bowl of maggie noodles.

So far, I've only been here for a total of 3 and a half days. And frankly, I wouldn't mind living here seriously. But, the language is a problem. Everything, and I mean, everything is in Swiss-German. You don't even get an English channel on tv (I'm not sure about paid tv though - they might have it). The only one in English is CNN. Good thing also, otherwise, I wouldn't have known about what happened to Indonesia.

My trip here is actually a last minute thingy. We never planned what we were going to do here. So, we decided to let the weather dictate our sight-seeing instead. It was forecasted to have rain in most parts of Swiss, hubby suggested we head down Lugano. A town, bordering Italy. Hence, you'd find many Italian influences, right down to the language.

We had superb weather in Lugano. Some al fresco dining. There were shops too, but they were retail. Simply too expensive for me. We hung around the city and the lake close by to the train station. Walked around, we didn't venture out too far though.

In the evening, on our way home, we went to big city Luzern. We arrived just in time for the Blue Balls festival - an open air jazz festival. It was pretty cool. The first guy who got up to sing was this jock from the US. Now, I can't remember his name but you'll see him in my photos.

We hung around for about an hour plus before taking the train back home. "Home" isn't close by, at least an hour train ride. Besides, dark clouds were looking. So we thought we'd come back another day. It's a nice city. A very artsy city if you ask me. I can't tell you much, cos we didn't explore much. Hopefully, I'd get another chance to do just that.

Alright, on with the photos. I'm only about half-way done. More on flickr as usual.


mommy to chumsy said...

lovely lovely :D

Shireen Loh said...

hehe..thanks! Am too kan cheong, so post first lor :-D

Ann said...

Have fun and enjoy yourself and all the food and go for walks!!!!

THe lack of TV sucks though....

Big Pumpkin said...

Been there.....and you're jiggling back all my fond nice :-)

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