Thursday, July 23, 2009

Missing the babes

Last night, we were treated to a bbq dinner at hubby's colleague's house. His new house in fact. Built on a piece of land owned by the family out in the country about 20 minutes from where we are staying currently. The house is so new, I could still smell the paint, the raw cement and the freshness of the lawn.

It was/is beautiful. Contemporary but beautiful. Equipped with the latest plasma and all. Plus, they even have a dish washing machine!! OK, now I sound like some country-pumpkin...I mean, its not the most common household appliance to have back home I supposed. So, I got a little excited and kept wondering how nice it would be, if I have one. Since maids aren't very common here, I guess, they need all the help they can get. Really, they do. The house is so huge, with a basement and all, it'll take me ages to clean let alone wash and I just had to ask : who does all the cleaning? The husband quickly pointed to the wife *rolls eyes*. How typical eh? But you know, if I were her, I'd run away. Seriously!

I like where they live, the house that they live in. But, nothing compared to their 2 adorable children. Now I really wished I had brought Ash along. She would have gotten famously along with their eldest who, by the way, is the same age as her. And it doesn't even matter if neither could speak English, because knowing kids, they'll get along with whoever and whatever.

Speaking of Ash - I miss her. She cried this morning when we spoke to her. Poor girl. Felt bad for leaving her behind. Seeing her upset and not wanting to upset her further, we went offline quickly. I just hope she's ok now.

The food was delish even though it wasn't a typical Swiss dinner. Something tells me that with all the munching I've been doing, I gotta start a detox regime when I get home. In fact, I could start with a colon cleanse review.

I didn't take many photos last night. Don't know why. Shy. Plus, I didn't know how they'd feel having their photos taken like, so.many.times because I am not a pro. One take is usually not enough for me. Besides, this is the first time we've met so you know, I spent time getting to know the family rather than being this crazy-photo-snapping-woman...hehehe..

However, I might get the chance to be that crazy-photo-snapping woman tonight. We're going for dinner again with hubby's colleagues and possibly drinks after. That should be fun again..hopefully...


Ann said...

Oh....I hope Ash is ok too.

Their houses are really out from a picture kind right? Gosh....wish we could have climate like that to have houses like that!

And skin like that....fair and slightly blushing!

Shireen Loh said...

Spoke to the grandparents this morning. She's ok. She did cry after seeing us but only for a while. :-).

yeah, no kidding. Some looked like real life doll houses. heheh...

ditto on the kids. and heavy too. so big. I had a tough time carrying..:-)

mommy to chumsy said...

lovely pics. the baby is so chubby :D

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