Saturday, July 18, 2009


So, I am here, on my holiday destination - Switzerland. The weather forecast is...heheh...No, I don't want to sound like a weather-woman.

You may be wondering, what on earth am I doing there/here. Well, my hubby is on a 2 week biz trip. Actually, 'training' but "biz" sounds nicer doesn't it? hehhe...Anyway, hubby thought it would be a nice vacation for the both of us. Plus, my mom was able to take some time off from work to care for the kids. And so, well, here I am :-D

If you ask me, if I miss the kids. I think my hubby misses them more. I am just freaking enjoying the freedom...LOL...ok, don't judge me.

OK, this blog, for the next couple of days, will not be filled with mommy stories. Not that it had alot of (mommy stories) in the past but you know what I mean. There will be snippets of my trip and photos. I will process them as I go along. Not many but some because I know that once I am home, I won't have the time to do it. Plus, you get to see them 'real-time' instead of having to wait (if you want to that is).

Alright, I have to go soon. Here are some which were taken by my hubby. Because, I haven't taken any and he took my camera along with him when he got here first.


ryeli said...

i-am-so-envious! and i wldn't miss my girls too if i'm in ur shoes....muahaha. i-am-still-so-envious!

enjoy ur trip to the max! u deserve it!

wen said...

wah! u are having fun there!!! how nice!

Big Pumpkin said...

I'm so excited for you!

Shireen Loh said...

Thanks! Yes, I am having loads of fun and loads of leg pain, backpain etc...too much walking. Sigh..signs of old age..

mommy to chumsy said...

oooo..I didn't know you have posts in your blog :D thought you are on a vacation ;) love the pics, especially the one with the hearts on the street :D

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