Monday, April 14, 2008

Pink Heart Tag

A new blogging friend sent me this all the way from Singapore! Its very lovely isn't it? I like it. Mucho Gracias Constance!! I feel really loved.

Now, my turn. I'd like to send this to EVERYONE on my Momsie Clicks. So, if you are on there, this one's for you. I really do appreciate the time spent dropping by my lil' blog even if its not everyday and I know that with the increasing demands of work, household chores and err..other blogs to read, you continue to give your support and encouragement.

This means a lot to me when I see familiar comments and I honestly thank you so very much!


JO-N said...

Constance sent me a pink heart too and I had mine up today.

Anonymous said...

That's very nice.

Helen said...


I got one too from hazel. I've still yet put it up. lol

Shireen Loh said...

Jo-N : What a coincidence, we doing it on the same day! Must be fate..LOL...

My Bug Life : Thanks :-). Any more celebrations or not?? :-P

Helen : hey, so what is your post today then? OK, will hop over to check out!! :-)

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