Monday, April 14, 2008

Old Stuff

You know, I think that my gynea's hospital must be the “poorest” of them all private hospitals. Why I am saying this is because a friend has shown me a coloured scan of her baby! As I re-call, my gynea's ultrasound still had the black and white image. It made deciphering toes, fingers, arms, legs so much more difficult during the early months. But, surprisingly, my gynea is able to tell. “this is the arm..this is the spine...this is the private...can you see??” Most of the time, we (hubby and I) would just nod cos my gynea is very fierce, so we had better just agree you know even though we can't make out a thing! LOL...I know, we are so pathetic. Well, hopefully, the next time, when we visit him, the hospital will be equipped with the latest medical equipments and medical supplies. I would love to have a coloured scan hard copy for keeps..:-)

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