Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Still using the credit card

You know sometime late last year, there was this good news to us Malaysians with Paypal accounts that now, we can directly withdraw our "hard" earned $$ to our Credit Card or debit card? Many applied for debit card naturally and I was supposed to join the gang.

But, I didn't. Here is my reasoning - seeing as how I do not earn heaps of cash from this blogging business, merely some pocket money, I decided to withdraw my small amount to my credit card instead. It made sense, I figured, since I do not have to go apply for a debit card and wait endless months to get it (referring to a certain local bank) and it saves me the hassle of making payment when payment is due anticipating that my bills will be squeeky clean (assuming I transfer my money every month).

The perfect solution, so I thought. After 2 months of doing so, I discovered that my rewards points were being deducted. How can that be? I made purchases and did not cancel them. I don't shop online, no funny transactions surfaced. How how how????

I called the bank up (many many times) and after explaining to them how this Paypal thing works, this is what they told me. Apparently, the channel which Paypal chose to allow withdrawal to the customer's credit card, is the same channel as the ones used by merchants to refund payment to their customers' credit card. This is automatically captured by the bank as such. So, each time I transfer funds from my Paypal account to my credit card, the bank will automatically read as a refund from a merchant and my reward points deducted according to the amount transferred.

To correct this, as I was told, the officers at the bank will have to do a manual calculation based on my statements and return my points to me. Isn't it a hassle? To think, I had the perfect solution to solve my credit card woes, I created another problem. It really didn't make sense to me to go through all that hassle of applying for a debit card and then withdrawing from it, bla bla bla...as usually, my "income" goes off in a flash since I use it to pay off the utilities and stuff (I am such a good wife *big self praise grin*). Of course, after purchasing my undies and what not...kidding la...kidding la...:-P

Conclusion - actually, there is none. I haven't decided what I should do. Of course the immediate action that comes to mind was (and still is) spend them all online...muahahahha....that is like really very tempting. It kills the drag and offer some therapy. The only problem is finding stores that ship outside of the USA *rolls eyes*. Think think think...

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