Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I got another award!!

Forgip me la. I don't get many awards you know, so every one I get must show off a bit lar...nyek!! :-P. OK lah, I'm pathetic, humour me lar...

Anyway, this very popular and talented mommy has just moved into her new "home" and she is having a small housewarming party. And I was invited (yay!!) and also received a 'door gift'. Joanne is a very gracious and generous host. Do visit her blog and you will see for yourself and also to check out my award on the blog hall of fame :-) *shameless*


JO-N said...

*Blush* Glad you like it but there are two more door gifts for you that you missed out. You can still pick it up:




Tammy said...

Joanne is the greatest isn't she! :o)

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