Monday, March 24, 2008


Been reading some spooky feng shui stories lately courtesy of one mamma and one more mama. The worst thing was (or for some, the best) I read these at night. More like, at the stroke of midnight *gasp*. So, you can imagine...heheh...OK, you can go have fun, read the posts...

Fortunately for us, we did have someone to come look at the feng shui of our place and there wasn't anything of this sort, but there were other things. Other boring things that you'd probably not want to hear. Also, the feng shui master didn't perform any rituals so I don't know. And if you asked me if whether we did as we're told? Only 50% and things are still pretty much the same. Let us complete the change and I'll let you know if it works.

For now, I have to go scout for rooms, check our passport (expire already), complete my Ash story, check for tickets availability which I think shouldn't be much of a problem considering where we are going. Possibly even consider a travel health insurance for each of us. So many things isn't it? And who knows, the trip may even be canceled at the last minute.

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