Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When you are stuck

Here is the thing. Sometimes, when it is close to the festive season, there's always a situation where you are strapped for cash. Tons of things to buy and sometimes, there are even bigger purchases like a new car, bike or even, a mansion. All purchased in time for the celebrations. You know, new things for the new year. A brand new start kind of thing. Luckily, its not a new husband or wife every new year...hehhhee...

And what is worst is that the company that you work for, do not have the habit of giving out your yearly bonus during these times. So what happens then? What do you do when you are faced with such situations? Ngaw into your savings? Borrow from your family or friends? Make a quick buck gambling?

On the contrary, there's no such need to steal or borrow. Just look for companies that offer cash advance as these are very short term loans to help you bridge the gap till your pay check arrives. No hassle, fast approval and some don't even need you to have a credit history for verification as an approval condition. Great huh? Yeah, but don't go over-board cos just like the saying goes "too much of a good thing does more harm than good".

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