Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I wanted this CNY to be different in that I planned from earlier on to get/have :

1.A hair cut (OK, this is not part of the plan cos I have to get one in any case but just thought it 'goes'.

2.A facial

3.A pedicure. Since I need to “use” my hands a lot these days, I will do away with the manicure

4.A relaxing massage

5. A tattoo with the words “Thats hot” (, I just put this in for fun)

So far, this is what I've gotten :

1.A hair-cut. It was getting out of shape so I had to whip it back to shape.

2.A facial. But this time, the facial lady didn't do a good job though. Spots are still appearing.

And these are what I haven't done :

1.Clean the house

2.Clean the cupboards

3.Clean the book shelf

4.Clean the tables

5.Buy some fake flowers and new year decorations

6.Change my bed-sheet

7.Wash and change the curtains

8. Wash floor mats

9. Buy some new year tidbits

10. Buy the remainder of my CNY ensemble

11. Change CNY money for ang pow

12. Pay utilities (I'm in charge now apparently)

13. Pay my CC bills (its 2 months over-due)

14. Stop procrastinating


Mommy to Chumsy said...

omigod!!!! what a long list of things you haven't done yet...tsk tsk tsk. must be the tennis season :D no still got like 8 days to go...hehehehhee


gong xi fa chai!!
happy blogging

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