Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend has come and gone

So, what have you been doing lately?

I feel like I've not blogged at all over the past week. And its mostly my fault. I have been too lazy and I could squeeze nothing out of my brains. Absolutely, wordless. This happens oh, 4 times in a year.

But it has been a busy weekend for us. Had 2 dinners in a row which was actually a good thing. In the midst of all the dinning and "whining", Ashley turned 10 months!! And the occasion was marked with the emergence of her 1 and half tooth. Half cos the upper tooth has just begun to 'sprout'.

She is getting bolder everyday now. Height is not really an issue with her. She is also alot more vocal although, every word that she attempts to utter doesn't seem to resemble anything that I know of. Not yet at least.

The downside is (or what I feel is a downside) that her sleep routine has been affected due to her teething woes. All the work that we put in during the early months seemed to have evaporated. Though I constantly tell myself that its alright and not to beat myself over it but she may not be getting sufficient sleep during the night and she will have to make up for it during the day and that will interrupt her bedtime at night. You see, its a vicious cycle. I guess we will just have to start all over again with re-establishing her routine. The potential downside to this is that Ashley will not get to see her father before she goes to bed since he comes home late every night. I guess there is just no other way really if we want this to work.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

poor thing..hang in there, ok. I'm sure ashley's routine will go back to normal once the tooth is out.

Sasha said...

its normal la...i have to start potty train my son all over again , when he was potty trained since 1 1/2 months old. He got reset when he had the diarrhea and vomitting virus.

Anyway something for u

JO-N said...

We, mothers, are always busy with kids. Well, hope everything will be fine again.

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