Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To the mall

Aha! Told you I'm a blogger-holic and I can't stay away from the virtual world for far too long. I'd miss my virtual friends and updating them via my posting. So, here I am writing what we will be doing tomorrow.

Incidentally, tomorrow is a public holiday. It used to be a state holiday but our dear Prime Minister has officially declared Thaipusm a public holiday for other states as well. So, that will only mean one thing – jam packed malls. I am serious. We love to throng the malls whenever we get a day off. What's worst is that the Chinese New Year is fast approaching and folks like me have tons on our plate.

I will have to brave the crowd, get in before 10am to find a good parking spot and walk/buy as fast as I could so that I can finish by lunchtime. You must be wondering since I am a SAHM, why do I need to head to the malls when everyone is on holiday? The thing is, my hubby isn't one (a SAHM) and tomorrow is the only time he will be getting time off until February. He is after all my “ATM Machine” so you know what they say “Never leave home without it”. So, I am not gonna.

Or I could simply shop the easier way – online. Places like LightInTheBox have plenty of wholesale items for sale. From Ipods to jeweleries and hair straightener to just about anything. We'll just have to see what time I am up tomorrow and if I am late, I might just give the mall a miss.


Tammy said...

Have fun shopping!

Anonymous said...

do you have any more information about this lightinthebox.com. do anybody have experience with them?

建君 said...


we lightinthebox.com is located in China and have strong product resource.So we ensure the product price and the quality. We can provide freeshipping on some specific products. Customers from worldwide will be warmly welcome and served.

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