Monday, January 28, 2008

The meaning of February 14th

Momsie : Do you know what day is February 14th?

Daddy : Yes, its a day in February

Momsie : No!! Its a day where the boy buys the girl something

Daddy : Is it? *pretends to be ignorant* Well, thats too bad cos I am not a boy.

Momsie : Then you are what?

Daddy : I am a MAN..

Momsie : OK, let me re-phrase that then. Its a day where the MAN buys the girl something

Daddy : Also too bad

Momsie : Why?

Daddy : Cos you are not a girl. Besides, the bajet for to buying things for you sudah no more. I oredi over the bajet.

Don't you think its right about time I look for a sugar daddy?? nyek nyek...tsk tsk...:-P


Helen said...

Who knows, maybe your hubby is planning a big surprise on that day. There's 2 weeks more to go mar...

Tell you what, buy him flowers lar.. then he'll be obligated to buy you dinner. Expensive dinner.

Angeleyes said...

kakakaka! Your hubby very cute... luckily my hubby don't know how to use this budgeting tactic! LOL

Must go tekan him for the pressie lioa!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

heheheh...i think your hubby has something for you already ;) just go out and get yourself something red and seksi. Then he'll be seksa lah.

adrian said...

Got bajet wan ah? Wah... must use this tactic also.

zewt said...

is this how marriage will turn out to be? hahahaha...

Shireen Loh said...

Helen : che, dun wan lar..Must buy flowers onli get somethin in return ar?? Besides, me "egg" edi mah, where got income oh? :-P

Angeleyes : lucky duck!! Yes, must tekan for pressie now lerr. :-)

Barb : Don think so got lerr, my hubby not that type wan :-(. Red dress won't work on him anymore...kiah kiah

Adrian : Who you want to have this tactic for leh? Wifey or V :-P

Zewt : Kekke..means, men lucky lor in marriage...:-)

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