Monday, January 28, 2008

Have a Heart

If I've said it before, I'd say it again. If I've not said it before, I'd say it now – blogging is wonderful and has been for me. It has allowed me to meet many wonderful people, allowed me to express my thoughts, allowed me to be at a place when all seems lost and finally and possibly most importantly, blogging has allowed me to give something back to society.

Again, I have the opportunity to write for a good cause – helping women to fight against heart disease. And again, I did not (and will not) hesitate to participate. Motherhood changes a woman in many ways. One of the changes in me is that I have become less selfish and less self-centered. Things I didn't like doing, I did and have done for my child. I want to be able to tell her and share everything I possibly can about the world and what the future holds for her. For that, I know I have to stay healthy and hopefully, be a positive influence in her life.

The American Heart Association knows all too well about the need for women to have a healthy heart. They have come up with the "Go Red for Women Movement" designed to create and help women understand everything they need to about heart disease and how to prevent it. Many have joined in to help create the necessary awareness about reducing the risk of heart disease.

Campbell for one, has gone all out in support of the “Go Red for Women Movement” by teaming up with designer Lisa Perry and popular singer, Toni Braxton. Lisa Perry has designed 3 gorgeous dresses. All you have to do is vote on your favorite by visiting from December 20, 2007 - January 30, 2008 . For each vote cast, Campbell vouch to donate $1 to the American Heart Association (up to $100,000) and Toni Braxton will wear the design that carries the most number of votes at the Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards to kick off the American Heart Month in February 2008.

If you'd like to get involved, just visit and trust me, you'd find it every bit full-filling as I have.

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