Friday, January 4, 2008

Cool Groovle

Hmm...sounds groovy doesn't it? When you lack so in traffic or wish to have more than your existing flow, sometimes, its a good idea to check out custom search engines to help you. For some, traffic is a natural thing without the need to market or promote your site. For others, its hard-work in gaining some (traffic). Its especially pertinent if you are monetizing your blog as advertisers usually look for high traffic sites. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out but the thing is, its not easy.

Now, there's Groovle, an Ontario based business, that uses Google custom search together with picture hosting to offer users customized Google search pages. There are two options in terms of how a Groovle page would look like. For example, you can either select from a list of preexisting pages or you could upload own picture. Groovle offers an extensive variety of ready-to-use pages identified via categories such as celebrities, nature, space, and sport. Consider this your Personalize Google.

Its quite unique and fun. Ideal for sports fans, celebrity lovers, and anyone who are simply looking for a basic search oriented for example, one without widgets. Basically, those who prefer to custom start a page but do not want to create one themselves will most likely want to give Groovle a go.

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