Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mini's potty training experience

Let me be honest : I have never truly potty trained Ash even, now, let alone Mini. Ash only started using the potty just as she turned 4. I know!! How can that possibly be? Well, it can..and it did because Ash never went to school till she was 4 years old. So, I never really saw the need to train her potti-ly. I figured she'd get there when she gets there. 

With Mini, because she has started play-school a year earlier than her sister, I decided to give the potty a try. It worked a couple of times with the big business but never the small. Embarrassingly, I was never consistent when it came to potty-training her. It would work one day, and not, the next. I never pressured her. I never did (pushed her) even when school started because the teachers were ok to take in un-potty-trained kids. 

Then, just before CNY, Mini's teacher told me to let her "try" because in class, she observed that Mini wanted to be like the older kids lining up for their toilet breaks. ANd, the teacher had to tell her she didn't have to since she was still on the diapers. So then, it appeared that Mini was quite ready, as in she knew what everyone was doing and she wanted in. Hence, the queue for me to give Mini the potty. 

Frankly, I had my reservations for some reason. I felt that she may want to do what the older kids do, but not necessarily ready to do it. But, her teacher was confident and convinced me that Mini will be fine (and ready). So, I said OK. 

So, one day last week, she went to school without her diapers. Can I describe to you how stressful I felt the entire morning? I was truly stressed up. And, worried that she will make a complete mess in hubby's car and I will get an earful when he gets back or I'd receive a shelling on the phone because it was my idea to let her go to school in her underwear. I was pretty worried throughout the morning and silently praying that she'll ace her test on the first day.

Wanna know what happened? Well, for starters, hubby's car was spared. But, not the classroom. hehehe...Her teacher took her to pee every half-hour or so but she held it in cos she was afraid of falling. But, when she couldn't hold on  any longer, she let go on her chair and onto the floor..Oppss!!! 

I am all ready to give up but her teacher assured me that it's quite the norm for first timers (I didn't know cos nothing like this ever happened with Ash) and that I should continue to help and guide her. That was last week. Plus, it was the last day of school for the week for Mini. I haven't decided yet if I want to let her go through the ordeal next week. Let me think about it.

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