Friday, July 9, 2010

hello world

Still here? heheh..

Anyway, I'll be off for a weekend getaway tomorrow. Actually, it's not really a vacation but more of a promised we've made to attend a wedding. Hubby's colleague's wedding to be exact. It's held away from the city. My first time to such a wedding. Wonder how "authentic" it'll be. I guess we'll know tomorrow.

We're bringing lil Em tomorrow. First time travelling for her and first time for us too having to handle 2 kids...on our own...away...from...everything!! eekk...And a good way to lose weight too if you're wondering. Handling a toddler and a new-tod is not easy. So, you really do not need irvingia gabonensis weight loss assistance, I can tell you that much. Run after them and you'll know what I mean.

Tell you more about the weekend when I get back. So, in the meantime, have fun and a great weekend!

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Jen Cheung said...

have lotsa fun :) its always refreshing to go on a mini trip :) don't forget to take pictures!!

have a lovely weekend.

jen @

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