Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the fever

Are you in on it too? The 'fever'?

I am..only because there's nothing else on tv except the sports ch. This is because we only have one tv in this house. oh, that's quite normal, you say. But believe me, it really isn't when you have more than 2 people living under one roof. I've known of some with a minimum of 3, one for each room!

Anyway, this fever happens once in every 4 years. In truth, hubby isn't really a hard-core footie fan. He watches it simply because it's the world cup. After the month is over, that will usually be it; no more football (or soccer for some of you folks). So, I tend to join in the fun as well and will root for whoever he's rooting for..hahaha...

So, hows the family apart from the fever? Well, as you would remember from a couple of posts back, lil Em turned 13 months. She's started walking too. Still wobbling a little but getting there. Ash is her usual cheeky self. We think that her 'terrible 2' was delayed somewhat. These days, she's seriously testing our patience. She'll try to stretch it as far as she possibly can...and with crocodile tears to follow too. But, we won't back down. We will fight till the end!! hahah...**evil laughter**.

Ash and I were supposed to go swimming at Ash's playgroup friend's condo this week but I declined. Oh, it's not the pool, it's clean with awesome pool filters. It's just that we slacked the past weekend from doing some housework so I had to get somethings moving. Otherwise, the work will continue to pile and it will be a lot more difficult to clear. Hmm...sounds like 'work' doesn't it? Trust is (work)!


Jen Cheung said...

hahaha i have to say I havent watch one single game yet! totally not interested and no patient to sit in front of the tv lor.


Jen Cheung said...

you should get one more TV so you wouldn't need to share! Me & my fiance shares one tv too. we plan to get an extra one! so I can watch whenever I want and he can watch whenever he wants! No need to share right? heehe

jen @

Ann said...

Well...I am not into the fever and the fever hasn't hit my house. Partly coz the matches are so late at night and partly coz my son rules over the TV.

So, I am up to date with the housework! :)

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