Tuesday, April 27, 2010

stuff your face


hehhee...really. this quaint little cafe, tucked in the corner of the 4th floor of BSC. The decor is sweet, coupled with children's books.

SOrry I don't have any pictures. Was busy making sure Ash doesn't get lost or worst, run over any kid. heheh...

The food is surprisingly good. I ordered the kids' mini bite-sized burger but Ash was too engrossed in watching the older kids roller blading in the skating ring. My friend had chicken.. something-I-can't remember. I had a taste of it and it was also pretty good.

We were the only patrons there at the time. There were 2 others before us but they had already finished their lunch and were about to leave. So, we had the whole place to ourselves to talk about anything and everything. Conversation topics ranging from who Kate Gosselin's dating to finding a cure for hair loss. I know, not very interesting discussion topics isn't it? Well, who can blame 2 middle-aged women eh? ;-)

Over-all, I'd say the cafe's worth checking out. Before we left, the owner told us that they will be having a mother's day set dinner or something on mother's day weekend. I am still contemplating. Still...:-0)

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Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

OoOoo I love that cafe. Especially love to chill out while the kids burn up their energy at Jungle Gym. We should have a bloggers meet there, no?

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