Tuesday, February 23, 2010

no. 3?

No need for those huge eyes - I'm not pregnant.

I just found out a close friend happens to be (pregnant).

The very small circle hubby and I move around with all have a maximum of 2 kids. Some with a combination of a boy and a girl and some with both of the same genders. Us being one of them. So, we were a little surprised that this particular friend of ours is pregnant with her 3rd child.

I know, it's nothing new, having 3 or 4 kids these days are pretty much the norm. But, the thing is, you know how I was lamenting about having kids at a urm...advanced age? It just seemed natural to assume that your same circle will do the same - stop all kinds of production. Or maybe it's me, being naive as usual for thinking that just because we have decided to stop, everyone's following suit.

In a way, I can understand her reason for trying...she has 2 boys. I probably would too, if I had my kids earlier. They did have their kids early but I just didn't expect them to wait 5 years before trying again. If it was me, I'd have tried yonks ago and if it didn't happen, I'd have left it as it is.

That aside, juggling 3 isn't easy. Heck, juggling 2 is hard enough but 3!!. I know many have done it and are still doing it very successfully might I add. But, it's a no thanks for me. 2 is enough (ps : I better not speak-eth too soon eh?? ;-p).

So, where on earth is this post going? No where...just a piece of brainless gossiping about people you dont know...:-0)...


mom2ashleyaidan said...

as for me....i think 2 is enough !:)

mom2ashleyaidan said...

as for me....i think 2 is enough !:)

Mummy to QiQi said...

no.3, mine come in 2nd delivery, haha...no choice but to live with 3 kids. anyway, it is good to have more kids so they wont be lonely when we are gone in future.

Lynette said...

As much as i always say 2 is enough.. deep down I can't help to "drool" whenever I see a cute baby girl dress in pink... Desperate for a little princess even more when I pass by mall seeing those cute cute cute DRESSES!!!!!!!
Now i won't try for no3...mainly due to the jugglign with just 2.. but after 2-3 years, when i finally forgot about labor, forgot about sleepless night and non stop mooing.. I might.. LOL

Shireen Loh said...

Dinah : but they say that '3' is the new '2' worr..:-)

M2QQ : wow..lucky you!!

Lynette : i know what you mean. but, better not wait too long to try again. you don't really want to be 40 and carrying a tot around..

Ann said...

I think maybe sometimes when they see the kids all grown up and then see another couple's baby, they feel like having one all over again.

or maybe accident? ;)

Yeah...you and me both settle for 2 enough. Can't imagine going through 1st trimester all over again!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

yes, don't speak too soon! *wink*

Shireen Loh said...

Ann : yep, you could be right about the accident part :-)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama : hehhe..:-)

Rebecca said...

Just be careful-- this stuff can be contagious, you know!

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