Wednesday, December 16, 2009

settling down

Apart from celebrating her 7th month birthday (if you can call it that), little Em has settled down on her sleep routine and that is make absolute sure that no one gets to rest during the day, only at night. hehehe...I will admit...I'm kinda ok with it.

Usually, Em sleeps very little during the day. She takes 2 or at times, 3 short naps each lasting between an hour to an hour-half. By 7pm, she's as cranky as any baby gets. By, 8 or 8:30pm, she's out like a light! Oh, so what time does she get up in the mornings? Good question - 6.30 in the am. I know, it's darn early. It's too early even for me. So thankfully, hubby gets the morning duty since he has to wake up for work anyway. He'll feed her, put her back to sleep, and he goes back to bed about a lazy bum! She'll sleep in for another hour or so, (sometimes, less) before she is fully awake and everyone in the house has to entertain her.

So, there. Our sleep routine for Em. It's very similar for Ash during her time as a baby but the thing with Ash is that I had to wake her from her naps and sort of time her napping. I would have to make sure she gets no more than 3 hours of nap in total for the day.

We'll see how consistent Em sticks to this routine cos with Ash, she lost it completely as soon as she turned 2. It's as if, the routine completely evaporated into thin air one day. Sometimes, I wish too that these auto insurance quotes my agent keeps sending me, can magically evaporate too :-). We shall see...

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