Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We were busy the past weekend. Well, apart from our usual, getting-the-family together, it was my baby sister's graduation ceremony. It's funny how these things work here -- having graduated months ago but the ceremony's being held now. Anyhow, it was great fun for all of us, including lil Em.

Here she is with her urm..cap (I don't remember what they are called LOL). In a way, she's "graduating" herself. How's that so?

Well, for starters, she has started solids. Amazingly, it wasn't so difficult starting her off. And she's beginning to find her own back support. She's gonna "sit" anytime soon.

Most importantly, she'll be turning 6 months in a couple of days!! Imagine - 6 months?? Where did time go?? I can still remember how it felt when she decided that it was fun while it lasted in mommy's tummy and came out that fateful night. Seriously..I can feel the pain...even as I type.

I realise I have been slacking re : blog updates and what-nots. I am. I'll remember to put a note for the coming new year's resolution - to blog more!

1 comment:

mommy to chumsy said...

W-H-A-T???? Em is 6 mths old already? Wow, time flies like an arrow. She's such a big girl in the photo :D

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