Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the man's big day

the Man's big ngau yat is coming up....real soon. As a matter of fact, it is this Sunday. I was hoping that it'd be a weekday so I could go get a cake for him and surprise him when he comes home. But, since it's the weekend, I can't go out discreetly and come back hoping to hide the cake behind my back, now can I?

So, what I plan on doing however, is to order it in the next couple of days and then I've summoned by sister to go get it for me instead. And, seeing how we always spend SUndays at my mom's place, she can just leave the cake there and well, surprise him then.

I think, a cake will suffice as a birthday present. I was actually thinking of getting him a self-made present. I was going to print out one of my pictures on the special iron-on papers, and iron my photo on a white T-shirt. After that, I'd make him wear it to work!! LOL...That'll just kill him...*snigger*. Ah well, what does a 35 year old man need these days anyway; a fat burner perhaps??

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