Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So, last weekend, before heading out to MIL's house for dinner and celebration, I made the above for Ash.

If you're wondering what they are, I will tell you what they are - they are homemade play-dough. I spotted the recipe a couple of months back on a lovely mommy's blog. And, I've been wanting to make some for Ash.

If you must know, I am trying to avoid Toys R Us, or any toy store whatsoever. I do not want to drag a kickin' and hollerin' toddler out of the store in case this mommy thinks that what she's picked out is just too expensive. So, I'd rather not. Seriously.

Does this mean that Ash is toys deficient? Not to me she isn't. She has plenty at home. Toys that she'll play for 5 seconds and then dump them aside. I've given up. And her stuff's taken over my once bachelorette pad. So, I feel, enough is enough. I am tired of picking her stuff after her.

And if she needs anymore toys, she'll just have to ask her Dad. If he gives in, I'm gonna demand for my orlando vacations..PRONTO!!

P.S : Ash calls them "color".


wen said...

just like my kids only! i wanna dump all their toys edi!

Ann said...

Don't dare to make this for my boy to play yet....although the process of making sure seems FUN!

Toys store ah....sigh...I will be in there for hours if he gets his way. Else I have to bribe him with ice cream to get him out!

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