Wednesday, August 5, 2009

About mom


tiring, but rewarding

frustrating but satisfying

un-nerving but challenging;

makes you wanna scream yet makes you extremely happy

you are relieved when your kids are asleep, that they are tucked safely in their beds

you miss them when you are away (but I don't miss insurance agents who keeps giving you life insurance quote), you talk about them, you reminisce, you think of them 24/7 even though, you told yourself not to

it's true, what they say about being a mom and when you become one, your entire world changes. the feelings are hard to describe. only moms will know and it doesn't matter how you became one, you'll know.


mommy to chumsy said...

the photo is so sweet :)

Ann said...

I'm planning to have my #2 now and well.....I hope it will not be as 'bad' as everyone says it is!

Have a good rest need it for your health and your patience!

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