Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well, I wish I could say it has been me who's been around town, shopping my head off.

But, it isn't.

The lucky girl is my SIL. She's been back in town for 2 weeks and as I am typing this, she's boarding the plane and flying back home. I bet she had a whirlwind of a time buying and walking and buying some more. I know that for a fact because just yesterday evening, she complained that there isn't any space left in her luggage. So, we jokingly suggested she should probably get another bag.

She bought plenty, for sure. Everything..clothes, handbags, more clothes...I am telling you. In the 2 weeks that she was here, she has walked every shopping mall there is in the Klang Valley. Plus, she even managed to get my BIL the wholesale ipods he wanted.

As for me, while she was on a prowl, I was at home, trying to force feed myself with all the chicken, meat etc...and learning to be an alcoholic (I failed miserably in both).

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