Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1 tot plus an infant can forget about :

- having family mealtime – one of you will have to watch over the 2 kids in case one pokes the eyes out of the other. No prize for guessing who the "pok-er" and the "pok-ee" is.

- going anywhere – if you plan on leaving at 10am in the morning, be sure to wake up at 5 to get things done.

- having a one-on-one time with your spouse – the only time hubby and I were together, alone, was in the delivery room.

- watching tv – all of a sudden, any tv rules you had for your tot before will fly out the window faster than Federer's serve.

- having quiet and peaceful nights – go figure!

- having un-interrupted sleep at night or any time of the day for that matter – go figure some more!

2 kids...what were we thinking? We should've gotten our heads examined!!

p.s : No mood for nice post...


mott said...

well..insanity is hereditary.. u get it from ur kids...


wen said...

its like that one lor.. when kids are older then only u can phak lou thor' with hubby ..hehe

ryeli said...

So spot on! I'm still having these thots "what the heck were we thinking of?!!" LOL!

not to scare you, i'm still going thru the aftermath since no. 2 came along. hope ur no. 2 will be nicer on u with the sleepless nights.

on a happier note, there will be happy times still! :D

tk care u!

Ann said... this is how it is going to be huh!

Thanks for the headsup! :)

mommy to chumsy said...

hahahhahaa..this is funny :D how are you?

IMMomsDaughter said...

Welcome to the club! That's just the start...wait till you get to my stage when they start to kick and pull at each other. U wanna adopt my kids?

Sasha said...

i cried that day cos i couldn't go to a bday dinner with my hub. I asked my sis to come over to help but she was so late. Ended up bringing the kids out (minus the maid) and I cried in the car. I never know spending time alone with him is so so so so so important. Sigh.. so i know how u feel.

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