Friday, February 27, 2009

Momsie Tales make-over

No photos for do you like the blog's new look?

I spent the last couple of days tweaking about my blog. As a result, I am riddened with so much guilt since I spent considerably less amount of time with Ash due to this obsession. I call it that cos these days, when I embark on something, I have this sensational urge to finish it at all costs!. Well, almost at all costs.

So, what possessed me to do this since I have no expertise in this area whatsoever? In fact, I'm far from being tech FAR that I think, I define 'noob'! But I figured that seeing as how this blog has, at some point in time, somewhat evolved into a journal cum photo-blog (with more pictures now as compared to the last time), I thought it was time for a change to reflect it's new identity.

That said, it's far from finished i.e the tweaking. It's not completely perfect; well, perfect in my sense of the word. There are still some niggling bits here and there that needs fixing (read : I have no freakin' idea!). This, I foresee will take up a little bit more time than I originally had thought and planned for.

I've had fun doing this though. Probably un-earthed the nerd in me..LOL. Honestly, it's really the satisfaction of getting my hands dirty and getting through the whole process. And, you know in the end of it all, I'm pretty darn proud of myself *ahem*.

Anyways, hope you'll like it and if this site goes abit awry from now, you'll know it's me..heheh. I'll talk to you soon. In the meantime, have a great weekend.


wen said...

new look for the new year! did u take the pic of ur header urself? looks good

mommy to chumsy said...

i like your new theme. very nice :D it is so you ;)

mott said...

Sweet! Nice colour combo. It's always more satisfying doing stuff yourself.

Tammy said...

It looks great! Very professional looking!

Shireen Loh said...

Wen : Thanks. Glad you like the header. Yep, I did, save some cash on purchasing stock photos..heheh..

Barb : Oh, you so kind - as always..:-D. Mucho Gracias

Mott : Satisfying indeed. Not only did I realise it can be done, I get to save some $$ too by not getting someone to do it for me..kekeek..

Tammy : Thanks Tam! It's been a while since you were here. Glad you came by. Hope everything's well at your end. I will be visiting you soon :-)

Cascia said...

Your blog looks great!

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