Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Looks like I might just diet

A pressie for my baby..

Last Friday, I went for my monthly ob-gy visit. One of the things they get you to do before seeing the doc is to step on the weighing scale. And guess what? I put on a whopping 4 kg since my last visit (which was only about a month ago). Now, that's a big whopper!

Obviously, I sat back down, feeling a little nervous and wondered if he was at all in a good mood. My ob-gy is a no nonsense man and a man of few words unless there's some intricate medical procedure or diagnosis that needed lengthy explanation. Otherwise, he's pretty efficient and strict.

So, anyway, we went in and exchanged the requisite "Kong Hei Fatt Choy" (it was still CNY then). As soon as I sat down, his eyes wide open and the first thing he uttered was "wah, your put on 4kg!" Before he could go on any further, I quickly replied :

"Mo pein...kor lin, yat yat yau hou yeh seik. Mo hor lang ngai meen pau" (remembering him telling me the last time I was overweight when I was pregnant with Ash that should I go hungry, just have bread and water).

I can't believe how fast that came out. It was as if I had rehearsed the lines over and over in my head for the 40 minutes that I was waiting in line. Like a kid, knowing that I've done something wrong and needed a good excuse for it.

He just laughed out loud -- probably realising how ridiculous the bread-and-water suggestion he gave me the last time was and I actually remembered it.

That was a close one. And, I better watch what I eat or I might just have to come up with another good excuse next month! O_o...


Shern's mom said...

Wah, 4 kg in a month. But I guess towards the end of the pregnancy, the weight will just easily shot up. Don't worry, diet can wait till after baby is born.

mommy to chumsy said... worries. you are so slim therefore i'm sure you'll lose the pregnancy weight in no time :) i am back to "ngai meen pau" every day now. boo hoo.

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