Monday, August 11, 2008

Will the real drama queen please stand up..

Records are meant to be broken. Plenty of them have been re-written at the Olympics lately. And one in our household just did.

We came home early from my mom's place yesterday afternoon so hubby could work on the plants. We bought some at the nursery 2 weeks ago and they have been sitting out in our mini backyard since then. I was a little worried about it withering before being able to show them off. You know, have new plants, will show off..get the drift :-)

We came straight home after lunch. Maybe not immediately after lunch. I went and checked out my sister's new computer and then, we came home. After putting away all our stuff, hubby went outside to work on the plants. And guess who followed? Or should I say, guess who insisted on following? There are only 3 of us and certainly not the cow (moi).

I put on her shoes and off she went. Trying to help was her sincere intentions but in reality, help, she wasn't. She took the bucket from the gigantic tub of water and whack the flowers. Petals fell everywhere. She whacked it again and again and again...before I steered her away towards the tub and turn the water tap on. Hoping against hope that she will 'water' the plants instead, like how she has learnt to do.

It seemed clear that my sweet angelic baby had other plans. She threw the bucket away into the tub and ran after her daddy. Watching him closely, I knew something's up. As soon as the spade was down on the floor (oh and he was trying to work as fast as he could too), she swiped it. She took the spade and began whacking the plants. She poked the soil in the pot and whacked the plants. Poke..whack...poke...whack...

She went on and on until she found the soil looking a little delicious. For the life of me, I have no clue where she derived that idea from but she did. In her funny baby way, with spade in left hand, she dug her right fist into the soil and started putting some into her mouth *gasp*!!! I KNOW!!! *gasp again*...Then hubby grabbed her before she could take in more and spoil her dinner (???).

And so it came. The loudest shriek ever, followed by screams that could wake the entire nation. She kicked, screamed, pushed our hands away when we tried taking off her clothes, lied on the bathroom floor, rolled around Bollywood style, kicked and screamed some more. This act of protest lasted the entire, ENTIRE time we tried to give her a shower. It didn't stop even when she was done showering. She kept yelling, screaming to a point where hubby had to close all windows and door lest the neighbours thought we was abusing our child. On the contrar, it was US who were being abused. If I am not deaf by the time I am 40, I have cheated deaf-ness!

She finally calmed down after we gave her hubby's wallet. Sitting there, naked with daddy's wallet, we had our moment of silence. There were sobs in between but at least, she was distracted. But, did it end? Not how we had wanted it to. She protested again when we put her to to bed. TALK. ABOUT. DRAMA. As far as Ash's performance went and if there was an Olympic event for it...a new world record was set and rightly so, deserving recipient of a gold medal!


Sandra Carvalho said...

LOL!Well at least you know she has a future as an actress!LOL!
She's a cutie!No doubt!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ooo..she didn't spit out the soil?? yucky. i guess she's in the bollywood stage now eh? hehehehe. btw, she looks cute in the green outfit :D

Tammy said...

Kids put the strangest things in their mouths don't they. She just wanted to help garden. ;o)

mott said...

heheh..I normally give my kids their own spade n bucket and a pile of dirt to play with. Oh..and some weeds too. They all like to think they're helping.


Big Pumpkin said...

Hehe....quite a feisty lil' one you've got there, eh? Sounds just like Tee when she was that age. They could be good friends despite the age difference later in life. For sure.

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