Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Pearls are considered nature's most fascinating creations and one of the world's most coveted gemstones. Since the first ancient discovery of pearls, they have been objects of awe and value as unlike other gems, they are the products of living animals. Their biological micro-structures are as much a part of their story as their ornamental usage.

Scientists and queens alike have a long fascination about pearls albeit for different reasons. One of the greatest advantage of pearls is that unlike crystalline gemstones, which usually must be cut and polished to be fully appreciated as ornaments, pearls are a master-piece in itself and need no help from mankind to bring out their allure.

Pearl necklaces have been traditionally considered to be the most common type of necklace given to a girl on her 16th year old birthday or as a wedding present with corresponding matching earrings and bracelets of course. The type of pearl that fits the bill would be an Akoya Pearl.

An Akoya pearl necklace is known and extremely popular for its versatility and its ability to complement on almost every occasion. Adding a touch of glamor and elegance is extremely easy with an Akoya pearl. Plus, it is often regarded as a first choice piece of jewelery because it radiates a brilliant luster. Also, if you are looking for a unique alternative to the classic white, you may want to try the Akoya black pearl necklace which is equally exquisite.

At Pearl-Necklace-Jewelery.com, a variety of the renowned Akoya pearl jeweleries are being featured and offered for sale at low prices. Another unique feature of Pearl-Necklace-Jewelery.com is their "Money Back Guarantee" concept which simply translates to a full refund if you return an item within the first year of purchase, no questions asked. There probably aren't many or even any sites on the internet willing to offer such a guarantee. A site can only do that if they genuinely believe in their products.

Are you a tad-bit curious now? Hop on over to Pearl-Necklace-Jewelery.com and check them out yourselves!


Anonymous said...

Oo..i luv that triple strand pearl necklace..so classic! But if I had to choose...i'll still go for diamonds..;) Diamonds are forever....ever

Tammy said...

I can always use more jewelry. Just gotta convince hubby of that. LOL

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