Thursday, January 10, 2008

You be the judge

What can I do?

I am trying to be the best PP-tie out there (angry edi can still joke summore *rolls eyes*). And to be the best PP-tie, I signed up god knows all kinds of freakin PP company there is. One of them we all know too well is B-TISE. No need long long name since we all know.

But first, let me say "Thank you" cos they have rewarded me a number of assignments and usually without glitches. So, have to thank the hands that feed my pocket with extra $$ to get myself a treat once in a while. All has been great until LAST NIGHT..

I have a completed assignment sitting at their system pending for approval since last year. I think slightly after Christmas and before the New Year. All these while, when I checked, its still there, sitting waiting to get chopped or go on to live, I don't know. I didn't want to bother cos I thought "well, maybe give them some time, its the holidays, people are slow (so am I) and yadda yadda...". All my other posts written after this post has been approved.

Nevermind, put into practice the 'patience' I gained during my stint as a full fledged SAHM. Then came yesterday, already not in a good mood, I logged on to the network wanting to finish up pending assignment. And what did I find? The post under "pending approval" has disappeared. OK, maybe it is FINALLY APPROVED. But NO, it has DISAPPEARED COMPLETELY from the system. As if I didn't do it at all.

If you reject me, its ok. If you want to cancel my opportunity, its still fine. But not make the completed post disappear from the system as if I had not done it. Its not even in the expired folder/column or whatever you call it.

Of course I wrote to them. Even using the email that they send every time an opportunity has been reserved together with my post URL. I didn't expect an answer immediately but I sure as hell expect one this morning. But nothing. So, I wrote them a reminder which I think may fall into deaf ears anyways *rolls eyes summore*

Look, the opp was 10 bucks. If your blog is anything like mine, Alexa rank of 2 mil and a RR of 3K, 10 bucks is the maximum I can write for. To me, that is already A BIG OPP and to have them just make it disappear like what David Copperfield did to the 747, its just simply not fair. Even if they had rejected me, with reasons of course, I won't be so mad. But to take it away without even telling me why (probably to offer it to the public once more), its just way out of hand.

OK, so please tell me, should I :

1. Delete the post from my blog NOW; or

2. Wait for another day for their reply, and then delete ; or

3. Just forget about the whole thing

Really, really clueless *bummed out*


Tot's Mom said...

Oh dear! Can understand your anger perfectly. Perhaps before deleting, you should shoot them an e-mail telling them you are going to delete the post and keep that e-mail. Just for the records, you know, if you think you are still going to pursue the matter. Anyhow, I suspect they may have wrongly assigned you the opp and now they need to wriggle out of it.

mott said...

Re-email them lor.

I seldom chk lazy la me. I never get any more ops. I am sigh...losing it!

IMMomsDaughter said...

I have not been getting opps from them for months. ANYway, bombard them with mails after mails but don't delete the post. Put it back in draft mode, just in case.

JO-N said...

I am not very good at this but I think you should write to them again and see how they respond before deleting your post.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

you know what? the same thing happened to me too!!!! I just sent them an email. Hopefully they will reply *fuming*

Helen said...

I never got anything from that company. Even before I lost my PR.

I think it's bad for them to be so 'unprofessional.'

Hope things work out. I understand there's nothing more frus than companies who don't reply your mail.

mama bok said...

Are you talking about blogitive ..?? or blogvertise..??
If it is blogvertise.. i never had any problems with them. let me know.. coz' i got their direct email addy.

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