Saturday, January 12, 2008

Soccer for the soul

I am not sure about where you're from but soccer is pretty much the favourite past-time for adults and kids alike where I live. The game is pretty much universal anyway and its very easy to pick up. All you really need to have is a large field, a couple of Soccer Balls, a couple of your friends and you can start playing soccer. You can even make up your own rules as you go along. Kids love it when it rains. Playing in the rain is every kids' fantasy and with soccer, its more than possible, its fun with a capital “F”. The nightmare starts when they come home with muddy T and shorts. If you ask me, its definitely worth being grounded for.

As for me, soccer isn't really my favourite sport. However, I won't miss the World Cup for the world. There are only 2 main reasons why I watch it. Firstly, for the hunks. That cannot be farther from the truth. The entire World Hunks of Football (its what we call it here) congregate at one place for an entire month. Do you think its possible to miss such an auspicious occasion for a housewife like me? Certainly, not. The second reason is actually a minor reason cos I do it vicariously through the hubs and its none other than football betting. These are the only 2 motivating factor really. If these 2 reasons are absent, why in the world would anyone even bother to watch 22 men on a football pitch chasing after a ball? *rolls eyes*

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