Friday, January 11, 2008

Psst, something to tell you all...

I have an 'egg'. Courtesy of our dear pal, Mr. Gargantum. Something must be wrong. I don't make much and I'm a nobody. Yet, Mr. Gangantum also know worr. I am puzzled why he don't want to go slap other people's bum but want to slap mine oh?? I must be more attractive than I

OK, enough of crap. Its probably as a result of crap that I was slapped in the first place. Anyways, seriously, honestly, there is not much changes. For me cos my old PR wasn't that great of a number anyways and if my alexa ranking was the lottery pool, I would've won it hands down already. So, if you ask me, the slap hasn't changed much for me in terms of blogging and PP. I was getting very little opps anyways, so now also there is no opp so as you can see, there's no difference really.

Anyhow, as I was telling a mommy blogger yesterday, no opp means more time girl la, what you thinking *wink*.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Yeah..more time for your girl *wink wink*

Actually I'm surprised why you got an egg because you don't have that particular advertiser's badge in your blog nor do you label your post according to that company's name. Some bloggers seem to think that as long as they remove post from that particular advertiser as well as badges, they won't get an egg eventhough they do bayar pos for other advertisers. I guess that doesn't work for Mr. G eh? No egg No bayar pos. How?

Tammy said...

A lot of people are in the same boat. Google doesn't like us. :o(

Shireen Loh said...

Barb : Dunno, maybe its strictly no PP whatsoever.

Tammy : Nope, he doesn't :o(

Puuteri said...

Who knows the real reason for slapping people around with a big fat zero?

One of my friends who does pp got a 2 then a 1, then a big fat zero last november. I advised her to get a domain name since it was a zero, and she did. Yesterday she gleefully told me she has a PR2, and that there are now more opps available to her. She does not have a site wide disclosure thing but put individual disclaimer but then again there are some opps that do not want in post disclosure, so how?

Anyway, another friend who also does pp got a PR3 last November, and yesterday I noticed it is now a zero. :-( Her Alexa rank is under 500k which is a good rank, compared to mine at least!

My main blog was a PR3 before it got slapped with a zero in november, and now it is a PR2. I stopped doing pp on it since early dec. My other pp blogs still have their PR2 ranks ... (they got their ranks before I started doing pp on them)who knows for how long before they too get slapped?!

Anyway, good luck to you on your pp thing. Like you, I too am a stay at home mom, and a little bit of money made from doing pp helps! :-)

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