Sunday, January 27, 2008

Me, the CFO?

We met up with a family friend recently. It was good to catch up, you know, on each other's life. We had long talks and he told us something really amusing. Amusing for me but not so for my hubby. He told us that when he moved to his new place, he got a renowned feng shui master to survey the house. To see whether in the feng shui perspective, his house has positive chi. One of the things that the master told him was that in order for him to prosper with abundant wealth, he would have to allow his wife to control the finances. In other words, appoint the wife as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the household. Of course, when his wife heard that, she was elated as she was also a SAHM like me. I then turn to my hubby and said "Hmm...dear, why don't you appoint me to be our house CFO?". My hubby replied "Sure, and your duty would have to include giving me monthly financial reporting of our finances". Darn it!!!

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