Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Crap Again

I am gonna crap again to make up the numbers. First of all, when I woke up this morning, I logged on to SM. If you are a hardcore PP, you will know what SM is *smirk*. Not you, Adrian kekkek...just joking :-D

Anyways, back to SM. As I was saying, when I logged on, I saw a string of offers but most I couldn't take cos 1 wanted own domain, another I've done before and one more was about viagra and men's health. I looked at the amount offered for that, I just let it passed. And I suppose alot also thought the same as me cos when I logged on again a couple of hours later (opps disappear very fast these days) and the viagra opp was still there!!! Man, if I knew, I would've quickly finished the one I grabbed earlier and then taken the viagra one isn't it? Gosh, lesson learned - Quickly finish your opp so you can take another one *greedy smile on face*

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