Sunday, December 30, 2007

A wine connoisseur

I am not. In fact, I can get drunk on a few sips of wine. It's true. Before I had Ashley, the hubs and I used to go out on dinner dates to our favourite local restaurant, Flam's. On one occasion, that totally slipped my mind as to which one but nevertheless, it was ONE occasion that I felt like having wine with my dinner.

I ordered the usual (one of my favourite) lamb shank and a red wine. Luckily, I didn't order the entire bottle but just a glass. Our glasses came first and I drank before having my meal. You know what they say “never drink before eating” but I still did anyway. I took a few sips and I was already feeling a little tipsy. Nevermind, I was still sober.

Then came my food. Oh and my hubby ordered white wine cos he was having fish. He is a better “drinker” than I am. People are often amazed at my lack of drinking skills considering my line of work at that time but I think its hereditary. My dad is a lousy drinker. Or it could be the lack of practice. Whatever it is, I drank a few more sips with my food. The glass wasn't even half empty (or half full) and I already felt a little faint. My hubby said that I looked pale and the minute he said that, I rushed to the toilet to puke. My lamb and everything else that as in me came out. I felt better after puking. Even the waiter noticed I was 'drunk' cos when I came out and sat on my chair, he asked if I was “OK”. How embarrassing!! I asked for a glass of warm water and of course, he obliged. The colour on my face returned slightly. We sat a little bit longer, paid the bills and head straight home where I went to bed at 9.30pm. Gosh, I think that was one of the earliest bed-time for me ever. Luckily the hubs had his football to entertain him otherwise...

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