Sunday, December 30, 2007

Planning ahead

Sometimes, we just can't. Again, I am talking about me. It is just impossible now with the little one. Everything revolves around when she wants to and how she wants it. Could it be that we are over-indulging her? Maybe or I could just simply be the world's worst planner, EVER. Which explains why I don't handle the household finances. Yeah, I am THE wife and I DON'T handle any of those. Its actually not a good idea for a wife (a SAHM at that) not to be the “financial controller” of the household but I am really, extremely terrible with figures.

If left money to me, I don't think I'd have any today. Instead, we'd be having mountain of cash loans. I love spending and what's worst, I love spending like no tomorrow. If it were all left up to me, I'd just grab anything and everything that suits my fancy. I'm not the saver. I am the spender. This explains a great deal as to why my hubby does all and keeps the finances.

If I am in need of some cash, I'd say cash advance is the thing for me. Fast and easy cash to be had just by typing away with my nimble fingers. However, I honestly would not recommend this to anyone who is in perpetual debt. Cash advance are designed to bridge the “emergency gap” until you get your next pay-check and it should be repaid as soon as possible.

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