Thursday, December 27, 2007

Many gold plastics

Before I got married, to prepare myself in looking absolutely fantastic *ahem* for my wedding photo shoot and wedding day, I checked myself into one of the local Gym. It was my first time and with the gym membership, I get to bring a minimum of 2 guests with me each month.

I brought my friend along and we both had a good time. Not working out, but checking out the hunks. This lady friend of mine is quite a little feisty lady. Seriously, she may look "little" but don't cross her, she's a mean business machine. She owns a law firm with her hubby. Drives a spanking Volvo and lives in a 3 storey house. When she whipped out her wallet, man, there were no less than 4 gold Business Credit Cards. For me, at that time, was something to be at awe with.

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