Thursday, December 27, 2007

A little pissed

I spent the entire afternoon yesterday. Ok, not the ENTIRE afternoon but some part of the afternoon finishing up early one of my assignments. I thought it was quite interesting and different. You guessed it, I got rejected for irrelevancy. I know it was definitely the picture cos if someone bothered to read the content, there were absolutely no inconsistencies nor irrelevancies. What can I say? I guess "different" isn't very well accepted. From now on I will write extremely boring articles for them then if that is what they want *rolls eyes*


Cafe Mommy - said...

Some people are just threatened by "different" don't be discouraged...different is the only way to be...but sometime we have to compromise...and just seek out for those who appreciate "different"!

Helen said...

Huh? Which one?

Anyway, here's a belated X'mas greeting to you and your family.

KittyCat said...

Wow - I didn't even know you can even get rejected for 'irrelevancy'! Guess they don't want any extras...hope it's OK now. I know what you mean about spending an afternoon on an assignment :P

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahh...this particular advertiser wants bloggers to describe the product/services. Unlike the 'bayar untuk blog' :D

Shireen Loh said...

Cafe Mommy : you're so right. thanks for the advice :-)

Helen : Let u know later lerr..and thanks for the wish :-)

Kittycat : Hope so. I re-submitted but no news thus far..*fingers crossed*

Barb : Ya, betul kata u..;-)

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