Friday, March 18, 2011

school holidays

This is my first "school holidays" since Ash only started school proper this year.

Everyone love school holidays isn't it?

OK, this is how I feel about it : Loving it - I get to sleep in. No rush in the mornings because for some reason, I don't like (or bother) preparing her snacks the night before. I know I should since it will save me loads of time but I just don't. Habitual habit of a procrastinator perhaps? Perhaps so. And most of all, the day isn't so hectic with rushing back and forth preparing lunch and all. I can take it easy, and I can blog too. The girls sleep late at nights, take long naps in the afternoon...who wants such luxuries to end?

On the other hand, I'm not so loving it because they get bored being at home. It is a shame because that's the one thing I like to do; which is to be home. I honestly hate braving traffic, jostling with the crowd searching for the perfect cell phone case for example - it's just not my thing. Plus, the housework needs to be attended to. So, I'd rather be home.

So..I'm in a fix almost. Do I love school holidays or do I not love school holidays?

Ask me again after the next school holidays; this one is too short for me to conclude.

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