Wednesday, March 2, 2011

deja vu

Whenever I look at mini, she's the spitting image of her sister. OK, maybe only at certain angles and under certain lighting. But, let me tell you -- it's crazy how she's behaving like her, she wants to be her...all except for the chili padi part because Ash was a lot more..urm..refined.

Anyway, these days, I find myself doing some things I used to do when Ash was about 20++ months. For instance, I don't make Mini porridge anymore because for one thing, I am lazy and the other is because she will want to eat whatever we are eating. And since she has most of her teeth intact, I figured what harm would I be doing to her if she ate what her sis was eating.

Plus, she wants to self-feed. Remember in one of my posting, I said that I preferred feeding Mini out of my laziness again? Well, I kinda don't do that anymore if she takes the more solid solids. Other than porridge, I am ok with her eating by herself.

So, these days, during lunch, I make both of them eat at the dining table so I can have my slightly-slower-than-slow lunch. As expected, mini's side of the table, floor and her high-chair will be filled with rice, crumbs or whatever. And I find myself getting down again, on all fours wiping the droppings. Every time I do that, I'll silently whisper "here we go again...". I thought I was through with all these mess but looks like, I'll have another year (or 2) to go...sigh.

p.s : Usually, after lunch, they'd go play in the tub, so I can clean up the messy floor, table etc...otherwise, with ms curiosity around, I won't get to do anything.

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Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

They ARE splitting images!!!

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