Tuesday, March 29, 2011

At random

I know - you must be waiting for some hot juicy xxx rated photos of my BKK trip right? Some naked ones perhaps. Or possibly, someone snoring with their mouth wide open..heheh. Sorry to disappoint you folks but my DSLR took a time-out during the 2 nights we were there (and so did I!) so no hot juicy photos from my end. Perhaps if you go lurk around my bosom buddies' blogs, you may just find some that'll tickle your fancy..hehe..

Alright. Lets see. What's been happening around these part of the world lately?

Ash celebrated her 4th birthday a couple of weeks back. So happy birthday my who-is-getting-bigger-by-the-day little one. We had a simple do at school and then during the weekend, we had just the 5 of us (with my PIL). A very simple celebration to mark a poignant age. What am I saying? Every year I get this way. I'm happy seeing her grow up, but it also means that time is running away way too fast and I can't catch up. You know...just one of those days...I just hope that she won't turn out sporting a punk hairstyle who smokes opus x cigars (could be a very relevant combo in the future - who knows??)

Ash's cake

And then, I've been busy. What's new? Oh, I went for my yearly ObGy check-up yesterday. I seem to be functioning well according to the doctor. We'll just have to wait for the pap smear results next week. So, hope that one will be A-ok as well.

The girls are doing just fine. Except that Ash couldn't sleep well at night the past weekend because her Daddy went away for the weekend. Yeah, it was his turn disappearing. But, all's well now. She's back to sleeping with us. She's been alternating between her room and ours lately. If it suited her, she'll be a good girl and sleep on her bed. And if it suited her, she'll climb onto ours. So much for sleeping on her own, eh?

OK..I am behind with blog posts...got more do to. Hang in there; there might be a sneak peek of BKK pics..


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Happy 4th birthday Ashley!!!! Aunty PL owes you a pressie!!!
P/S: great to hear it's all a-ok down south.

Mummy to QiQi said...

happy belated birthday to your girl. Tai-kor lioi already.

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